Up-to-date technologies

All the up-to-date technologies, professional programs of taking and data processing, that are used in everyday AgNIM’s activity, as much as possible optimize the work with an information as much as possible.

High level of professional skills

High level of proficiency of our specialists is the result of a permanent system of education and improvement  of professional skills . Taking part in election campaigns since 1998.

Resources for realization of the marketing and socio-political researches of all kinds.

High quality of work

The all staged - control
Professional programs and working out

The optimal prices
Optimization of expenses on each stage
Design principal of working


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Research Directions

There are some of the main directions of research activity, that are connected to the traditional division in research market:
  • Market researching
  • Sociopolitical researching
  • Field work, data collecting
  • Omnibus
  • Business Missions 

Market Researching – 
systematical collection, statistic data processing, visualization and analysis of all information as a part of marketing complex, which is directed to optimization of all activities of a company. 

Main advantages

Market researching gives a possibility to estimate competitors’ activity;

Market researching describes the consumer’s behavior;

Market researching shows what consumers expect from products and services; 

Market researching shows the dynamic of the developing of those sectors of the market, that interested you most;

Market researching gives a possibility to correct your price policy and to improve distribution techniques. 

 -  the researches which are directed to an estimation of social health of the population.

Main advantages 
Sociopolitical researching presents social and political situation in the country;

Sociopolitical researching can be used as accompaniment for political and social projects;

Sociopolitical researching allows to study the social structure;

Sociopolitical researching is an instrument in learning of the electors’ views and structure.

Field data gathering -
a number of stages of data gathering, carried out by field working with necessary contact with respondents, interviewing or questioning. Also it is provided filling of special list of data and supervision fixing, collection of all information and its preparing for the analysis.

Omnibus – 
research direction, which gives a possibility to understand and estimate the real situation in the definite business sphere. In that case, the role of the Customer plays not a person or one company but a group of people or companies. The questionnaire is formed with some blocks divided to separate questions for each of them. This method gives a possibility to make expenses for the research activity lower. 


AgNIM has an experience in Business Mission organization. During such projects we realize a full complex of marketing support of bilateral negotiations of the participants. Among them – there are representatives of business structures from Russia and other countries. 

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