Up-to-date technologies

All the up-to-date technologies, professional programs of taking and data processing, that are used in everyday AgNIM’s activity, as much as possible optimize the work with an information as much as possible.

High level of professional skills

High level of proficiency of our specialists is the result of a permanent system of education and improvement  of professional skills . Taking part in election campaigns since 1998.

Resources for realization of the marketing and socio-political researches of all kinds.

High quality of work

The all staged - control
Professional programs and working out

The optimal prices
Optimization of expenses on each stage
Design principal of working


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We start searching of partners

The Agency of Independent Researches of Opinions Ltd. is open to everyone, who believes that high quality research is the best way to develop any business. 

Now we are looking for partner organizations. 
If only you are interested in carrying out of any research on the territory of Russia and CIS, just call us and we are ready to cooperate with.  

Why become a partner?

Today Russia is one of the most dynamically developing countries. 
That is why it is become more and more important to predict the districts of market changing. When you possess the most complete and detailed data, it is means that you have a real advantage in your professional sphere.

Our activity

We can offer you a variety of possible ways of partnership – we can make full circle research, including organization, conducting and analyze stages and also just conduct field work in the regions. 

Also we are experienced in organization of Business and Economic Mission for foreign representatives. The main aim of such projects – to give the participant firms the opportunity to act in the Russian market in the more effective way and to establish a connection with Russian firms. 

Finally, in a case you would like to represent your company in Russian market, we are ready to give you such a possibility and play a role of a regional branch. Moreover, we have the opportunity to manage your research projects on the all stages of carrying out.


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