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What is it?

Omnibusis a type of research, which gives a possibility to understand and estimate the real situation in the definite business sphere. In that case, the role of the Customer plays not a person or one company but a group of people or companies. The questionnaire is formed with some blocks divided to separate questions for each of them. This method gives a possibility to make expenses for the research activity lower. In that case all socially-demographic characteristics of consumers are given free of charge.

As full confidentiality of the information is provided and process is adjusted, it is rather simple to have necessary information in a short period. So you have a chance to receive the operative information about questions interesting you regularly.

The omnibus will help to make market analyze before the beginning of the advertising company, to define frequency of contacts of consumers with advertising and to estimate efficiency of the advertising companies.

With the help of Omnibus you can:

  • to monitor a situation in your market

  • to realize the reaction of consumers to a creation of a new product

  • to receive an estimation of the activity of your company and the company of the competitor

  • to define level of awareness of consumers about your mark/brand, consumers loyalty

  • to reveal marks-competitors

  • to receive a maximum of the information of a product and consumers with the minimum research budget

Omnibus is conducted monthly:

  • You can present your questions till the 10th day of each month

  • Field work stage – from the 15th to the 25th day

  • The results are ready by the 15th day of the next month

Results of the research

are given in the form of the analytical report with statistical cross-tabulation tables under following demographic characteristics:

  • Sex;

  • Age;

  • Education;

  • Social status;

  • Family status;

  • Income level;

  • Occupation;

  • Size of the city;

  • Federal district.

Results are given in a form of:

1. Tables of two-dimensional distributions: the basic question (a question of the customer) - socially-demographic questions

2. The electronic format of data files

3. The short analytical report (3-5 pages)

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