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All the up-to-date technologies, professional programs of taking and data processing, that are used in everyday AgNIM’s activity, as much as possible optimize the work with an information as much as possible.

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High level of proficiency of our specialists is the result of a permanent system of education and improvement  of professional skills . Taking part in election campaigns since 1998.

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The keystone of success is a system- presence and integrated approach to decision of the problems of every research. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, created for best customer’s result, usually used as standard practice of AgNIM’s work.
Quantitative research
This way quantitative researchers refer to a focusing on taking quantitative information from a large number of objects of research (for, example, customers, firms). The principal objective of quantitative research is to take the numerical estimation of market’s situation and the respondent’s reaction. When the exact, statistical reliable, numerical data are required, these  methods are used. 
The main method of a quantitative research – is a questioning.
A questioning – is a method of taking primary marketing information. It implies:

1. oral or written address to a certain group with a list of questions, that are connected with the problem under investigation

2. a registration and statistical processing of taken data and its theoretical understanding

A questioning permits You to segment a market, to find out the customer’s preferences, to measure the level of possession of information and loyalty of customers, to define the market’s share of yours and your competitor’s, to rank the existing market’s members.

Our specialists carry out such kinds of quantitative research.

• In –home interviewing – is a questioning of population in domicile
• Street interviewing – is a questioning of population in public places
• Telephone interviewing - is a questioning in conversational form of a questioner and a respondent with the help of telephone
• Expert – interviewing – is a questioning of specialists of certain professions or taking up a certain posts
• Hall – test – is a procedure of testing a fixed product or its elements (packaging, promo ad’s etc.) and then answering questions (filling in form), related to them.
• Home – test – is a procedure of exploring of certain product or products in real domestic surroundings
• Retail – audit – is a procedure of analysing range of products, distribution, POS – materials in commodity groups in places of retail trade.

• Mystery shopping is a procedure with trained customers for evaluation of the quality of service, work of the personnel, checking up the realization of the standards of merchandising, quality of products and services
Qualitative research
Qualitative methods propose taking an information in free form. There is no statistical measurement in the focal point of this methods, but they are guided by comprehension, explanation, interpretation of empirical dates and are the source for forming hypotheses and ideas.

The object of qualitative research is to scout, but not to get the quantitative distribution. Words but not figures are used in explanation and expounding of ideas. All the dates, obtained in qualitative research, are not the subject to quantitative analysis, they are to answer questions “what”, “how”, “why”.

Specialists of our company use the basic methods of qualitative research:
• Profound interview – is a conversation in a free from on a certain form
• Half formalized interview ( a combination of formalized and natural course interview)
• Expert interviewing
• Focus groups
• Observation
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