Up-to-date technologies

All the up-to-date technologies, professional programs of taking and data processing, that are used in everyday AgNIM’s activity, as much as possible optimize the work with an information as much as possible.

High level of professional skills

High level of proficiency of our specialists is the result of a permanent system of education and improvement  of professional skills . Taking part in election campaigns since 1998.

Resources for realization of the marketing and socio-political researches of all kinds.

High quality of work

The all staged - control
Professional programs and working out

The optimal prices
Optimization of expenses on each stage
Design principal of working


Rambler's Top100


AgNIM offers services for carrying out

Sociological accompaniment of the election campaign: 

  • Sociological accompaniment of the election campaign
  • Complex diagnostics of the electoral district
  • Monitoring the main showings at the time of the campaign
  • Exit-poll organization
  • Using of all types of sociological instruments: mass interrogations, focus groups, deep interviews, hall tests, expert interviewing etc.
  • In-home, in-street and telephone interviewing


  • Special activities 

Consulting on a strategic and tactical election campaign planning:

  • Development of the election campaign conception 
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